Function Unknown

Based in Port Elizabeth South Africa


Function Unknown

Launch Date:

April 2021

Regular price:

USD 15.99



Game Engine (IDE):

Game Maker Studio




A particle awakes in a strange existence as a newly created entity, it must find purpose and direction, discover and uncover the meaning of it's existence whilst traveling to various space stations in the quest to become Alpha Particle. But what happens when it becomes Alpha Particle is the one piece of information that keeps eluding it. And the only way to find out is to become what it's destined to be... Alpha Particle
As a particle entity it has no means of defending itself. Combining entities, elements and abilities are key to survival. Expand skills to make use of MICRONS, a powerful power-up that can be extracted from elements to finally bring some arsenal to the table.
Replay levels with increased difficulty to unlock more areas.
Finding and completing hidden areas are key to game completion, and abilities can be used to uncover hidden area entrances.
Battle retro inspired bosses each with a unique twist!
  • Base story:
    Uncover the purpose of your existence
  • Difficulty setting :
    Easy, medium and hard settings
  • 60+ Levels:
    including hidden areas, dash levels and retro styled bosses
    Levels difficulty accumulation system
  • Abilities and particle abilities:
    Find and match 10+ abilities and particles
  • Non combatant game system:
    Discover different and creative ways to remove your enemies using your surrounding elements, abilities and more
  • Mini puzzles
    Prove to yourself that you are an intelligent life form
  • Unique character style
    Manoeuver through space stations with a non physical body. Your LIFE is your BOOST which is your CURRENCY, spend it wisely

How long does it take to complete Alpha Particle?

Around 20 – 40 hours depending on player skill and difficulty setting

Does this game have a player character?

Yes! An intelligent living (but not breathing) particle entity
Alpha Particle development started by accident as an experiment while the developer was learning Game Maker Studio in November 2016. At the time he had been using Game Maker Studio and been programming for three months only. So Alpha Particle became his entire learning experience into game development over the next three plus years. It is also worth noting that Game Maker Studio was bought on a Humble Bundle deal for $1, essentially rocketing the developer's career into orbit for a mere dollar! (Thank you Yoyo Games and Humble Bundle!)
Game design
Music audio
Audio fx

Bruce Nicou

Natascha Nicou

Bug hunter
Game tester
Proof reader
Coming soon!
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